It’s time to recognize the virus is not hoax


Having macabre thoughts now hitting home. While eating at a diner the other morning, I overheard a conversation between two people. The subject was COVID-19. Both men approaching the twilight era, believing it to be a hoax, as I listened in disbelief and disgust. I am wondering, how in the world have they made it this far? One having no mask while the other, being masked. I recalled TV news depicting refrigerated trailers filled with corpses — what more do they need to understand it is real?

Just because you feel good and manage to go about your business, now this is all a lie? People who think and act in this manner, I put in a category of mass transportation. My best description is it is like following another car in traffic that is lagging behind, approaching a street light as it is turning. They managed to go through it before it turned red, while leaving you to wait in anger.

Not complying with the rules might hurt others unknowingly. There are times I just like to say, “Thank God and Greyhound they’re gone.”




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