Don’t be surprised by Trump’s reaction


I am amazed that some people are surprised at the way Donald Trump is responding to the election. He has been telling us over and over for years exactly how he would react.

Let’s look at Trump’s history.

I challenge you to find a campaign speech where he doesn’t say the election is rigged and the media is against him. Even in the 2016 Republican primary, he said the system was rigged and needed to be changed. After he won the nomination, when asked if he would change the system, he said, “Why should I? I won.” During the 2016 election, he repeated, “It’s rigged, and the Democrats are trying to steal the election.” When asked if he would accept the results, he said “I will accept the results of the election if I win.”

So how can anybody be surprised that he’s acting like a spoiled child who had a toy taken away from him? He told us four years ago how he would respond. Blame everyone else but himself. He would repeat his famous words, “It’s rigged, they cheated and they stole the election.”

Trump has two months before he leaves office, and I fear he could do a lot of damage to our country and our democracy. Maybe even start a war with Iran. Don’t be surprised if this happens.




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