America has become a house divided


I wanted to convey my dismay regarding the current political climate in view of how America has become so polarized. It seems that no matter who won this election, we all have lost. We seem to have lost our ability to be tolerant and considerate of others, to be able to disagree agreeably, to be willing to listen to other opinions with an open mind and not to be acrimonious with those we disagree with. We cannot seem to be mature adults and not expect that things will always be how we want them or to realize that compromise was how America has always been governed, considering our divergent political, cultural and religious backgrounds.

If the World War II generation was indeed America’s “Greatest Generation,” then it is also clear the generation that followed, of which I am a part, is indeed, the worst generation America has ever had. We have become a society that is more materialistic, hedonistic, unsympathetic to the needs of others and intolerant of those who do not look or think like us. And I guess it’s only fitting that we have political leaders who share these same moral and ethical characteristics.

The problems facing our society are bigger than politics, and if anyone thinks otherwise, then they are just kidding themselves. I am not sure that what we have lost can ever be found again, and that would be regrettable; a house divided cannot stand.




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