African-American Dems must wake up


If this presidential election hasn’t opened your eyes to what the Democratic Party has been doing to us as a people for years then you really need to go back and rethink your choices.

Have you not noticed how every four years we, as African Americans, are center stage on the election platform? We are bombarded with pleas from the Democratic party to exercise our vote for them, and once we give in, nothing is done about the problems we face. In my opinion, the Democrats want to keep us enslaved by relying on government handouts instead of ourselves.

This has been the rule of thumb for decades by the Democratic party and we’re fooled into thinking they are doing a lot when, in retrospect, they are hurting us. You don’t hear any more from them till the next election. It just keeps going on and on.

Nancy Pelosi states Republicans were the reason for the stalled stimulus package to help Americans financially during this pandemic, when it was really her because of the hatred she feels for Donald Trump — not wanting his name on the checks.

I could go on, but I will say the Democratic Party has changed from when our parents voted. Do your homework. Wake up because another four years will be here before you know it. What will you do then?




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