Why America needs Joe Biden


Joe Biden is a unifying force. By contrast, the current president uses conflict and division as marketing tools. Our nation is more divided, and the conflict more acute, than at any period in recent history. America needs Joe Biden as its president.

Donald Trump lied to us about the seriousness of the coronavirus threat from the outset and bungled our national response, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives. His response in the face of an escalating death toll: “It is what it is.” Trump had previously dismantled the National Security Council pandemic response office, which had been created by the Obama / Biden administration.

Joe Biden successfully led the Obama administration’s responses to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and the 2014-16 Ebola epidemic. Joe Biden has the experience and intelligence to get America’s pandemic response under control and get our country reopened.

Donald Trump inherited a robust economy from the Obama / Biden administration. Trump has destroyed that healthy economy and created a looming economic catastrophe. The budget deficit grew to nearly $1 trillion in 2019, and the national debt surpassed $16 trillion. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy will add trillions to the debt.

Joe Biden will restore prosperity and economic stability. Biden has often opined: “Economic security is national security.”

Communities like Trumbull County can’t carry the load for billionaires who pay only $750 in income tax. Joe Biden understands that. Trump’s tax plan works for corporate executives and Wall Street investors but not working families and not Trumbull County. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts exacerbated these problems by reducing taxes for the wealthiest individuals. We need a president who is a decent person that our children can look up to; who seeks unity instead of division; who can restore our nation’s dignity on the world stage, who cares about and understands the issues of working men and women, and who can competently lead us out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our current president has turned the presidency into a carnival side-show, who tweets insults, disrespects our military, embraces dictators, uses fear and racism as marketing tools, keeps a secret Chinese bank account and spends your federal tax dollars like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

Perhaps most important, Trump personally has nearly a half-billion dollars in loans coming due very soon, and he won’t tell us to whom he is indebted. That should scare everyone. Trump’s lack of transparency is well-established, but his current financial predicament rises to a new dangerous level. America deserves to know.

America needs Joe Biden.



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