Trump-Pence ticket brings peace, safety


With a Joe Biden win, the thought is chilling that a radical West Coast government will be the model for our central government in D.C., bringing high taxation and ripping our energy sector to shreds.

Kamala Harris could become president of the strongest country in the world — 100 percent controlled by corporatist and aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.

The real choice for voters is between Trump-Pence and Harris-Pelosi.

Trump is in his 70s. Biden is closing in on 80. With any unforeseen problem with Trump, we would have Mike Pence, a stellar proven performer who would continue with low taxation. Also, First and Second Amendments would not be threatened.

Even if Biden-Harris were Republicans, I would not vote for them. If Trump-Pence were Democrats, I would vote for them.

For myself, I’ve had enough statues illegally torn down. I vote for peace, prosperity and safety.




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