Trump, Hagan best for America


If you need the government to support you, take care of you, feed you, pay for your medical, pay for your college, then vote for Joe Biden. He will kill the entrepreneurial spirit by taking from the producers and giving to the nonproductive citizens. He will remove your freedoms and ability to succeed in America by adding regulations and new taxation. Biden will provide poor substandard living conditions; ration health care; increase taxes on all, making America into the new Venezuela where everyone is poor with the exception of government bureaucrats. This is Biden’s vision and what he means by building back better.

Joe will build back better by allowing China and other communist oppressive nations to walk all over the U.S. with new trade deals that overwhelmingly favor every other nation but the U.S. He will do exactly what he has done for the past four decades in government, which is improving his family and friends’ bottom line while systematically dismantling our opportunities to succeed thus transforming the U.S. from the land of opportunity into the land of misfortune. He will pack the courts with judges that will redefine our Constitution and remove our rights. Freedom of speech and a citizens’ right to bear arms will be the first to go.

Gas and oil prices will skyrocket as they regulate these industries to the point of bankruptcy. He will increase taxes on business, which, in turn, will slim down the workforce to be competitive. If you think Joe is for the working man, you may be hallucinating. The Green New Deal is code for putting green into the pockets of the government bureaucrats, taking it out of yours. It will do nothing for the environment.

You may not like how President Trump talks or acts, but the result is what counts. Four years of Trump versus 40 years of Biden, I will take Trump every time. Past records are the one true indicator of future performance. Vote for your freedom, Vote Trump.

It’s also time for a change with 13th Congressional District. Why not give Christina Hagan a chance instead of Tim Ryan? Everyone talks about term limits when we have the power every two years to change our representation.




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