Trumbull should not lag behind


My two sisters, my brother and I have put up with a lot over the past year from attacks on our mother, Niki Frenchko, based on lies to politically motivated attacks against my little sister. My instinct was to keep quiet and not lower myself to the level of online antagonists working hard for favors or rise in status in the eyes of their political “buddies.” My mom taught me that it doesn’t matter what people say about you. As a child, if I would tattle on kids who were mean to me, her reply was, “So, what’s the worst that can happen?”

I have taken that through life, and I evaluate situations before acting. I never sweat the small stuff, and I have high self-esteem. But in the case of people lying about my mother and my family, something terrible can happen. People may vote based on lies and rumors. So, I need to speak up.

My mother is a passionate woman who feels for the underdog and those being taken advantage of — she grew up as an underdog herself as the daughter of a young teen mom. When she sees things done wrong, she works relentlessly to fix it. She might be guilty of not giving up, but that should be an asset in a public servant. My mother is a responsible woman, who raised four children mostly on her own and she raised us with values, respect and work ethic. I graduated as salutatorian from JFK, and I am on a full scholarship to Miami of Ohio, and I have learned from my mother motivation, kindness and that hard work pays off. I am proud of myself, and I am proud of my mom. If only everyone in Trumbull County knew her as well as I do, you would love and trust her as I do — and certainly, trust her to represent you as Trumbull County commissioner.

My mother cares and will be an asset to Trumbull County. She was brave enough to step up for public service, knowing full well attacks would be launched because she is considered an outsider.

My family put up with a lot this year, but the county has put up with far worse over the past 40 years. There is no reason why Trumbull County should be so far behind when it comes to jobs, development and quality of life. My mother, Niki Frenchko, wants to help with these things, and I hope the voters let her.




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