Trumbull needs more ballot boxes


Voting in Trumbull County and counties across Ohio should not be a profile in courage. You should have easy access to voting regardless of how you vote — by mail or in-person — where you live. But as we quickly approach what is unquestionably an election for the ages, none of that is guaranteed to voters of this state.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says he wants a fair and secure election. But despite having the legal authority to allow boards of elections to install additional dropboxes across counties, he is allowing additional dropboxes to be installed only at the boards of elections, where there is already a dropbox installed.

This does not solve the problem of having dropboxes that may be too far for folks to go if they live in the far reaches of the county.

During a surging pandemic, drop boxes offer voters assurance that their mail-in ballots will be counted and with less risk than crowded polling places. The courts have said there’s no reason you can’t add more drop boxes to help voters. So why does LaRose keep fighting this?

This is just another way Frank LaRose is stalling on dropboxes — which he promised he was in favor of as soon as he had the legal authority. He has the green light and is still refusing to do what several other states have done — allow for multiple dropboxes across counties to make voting safer and easier for everyone.

LaRose should move forward with dropboxes and require social distancing and face masks and provide PPE to ensure the lives of voters and those working the polls are protected. Voting is a fundamental right and it should be as easy and safe as possible.




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