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Fifteen cameras to be purchased with CARES Act funds for Brookfield Park? Why spy on park goers to supposedly validate contact tracing when the names of the infected can’t be published? How does that serve the public? Dan Suttles is correct in his no vote. To do a two-phase work order to piecemeal the proposal to stay within the $50,000 limit also seems questionable. Perhaps there is better use for funds.

— Vienna

Congratulations to Warren G. Harding students who produce Harding football home games on WSCN. These broadcasts are professionally done and even have instant replays. Kudos also to the Warren Harding football team, band and cheerleaders. These young people, coach Arnold and staff members deserve admiration for hard work and dedication under difficult and trying times.

— Warren

Why is Jeff Goodman the voice of the county Democratic Party when it comes to responding to the presidential debate? Dan Polivka is the county Democratic Party chairman. Why isn’t he being quoted? Is he afraid of alienating Republicans during his election? Our party needs a real leader locally!

— Warren

Kudos to Stephanie Penrose and Ron Massulo of the Trumbull County Board of Elections. I voted early today. The early voting facility was clean, orderly, respectful and, other than the political hacks in the parking lot offering me the “List of Democrat candidates I should vote for,” it was fulfilling. There is no reason anyone can’t cast their vote this year. Funny that Republicans didn’t think I needed a last-minute education to choose. (BTW I cast votes for people in both parties.)

— Warren

In the Oct. 1 Tribune Chronicle was a photo of attorney Jeff Goodman and his client in Judge McKay’s courtroom. Attorney Goodman was wearing a Biden mask. This should be unacceptable to everyone and not permitted by Judge McKay. Mr. Goodman has the right to his opinion, but he should not be allowed to flaunt that opinion in court. Both he and Judge McKay should have had better sense.

— Warren

I grew up in the 1940s. It appears we were tougher back then, mentally and emotionally, than today’s kids. Grief counseling didn’t exist. We lost family members, close friends, classmates, but we survived without needing psychological help from grief counselors. Are today’s kids and adults so weak that they can’t handle life’s challenges without a grief counselor? Maybe so.

— Fowler

Regardless of political views, we are one nation under God. The very saddest thing is division in neighborhoods and communities over false perceptions of people’s beliefs. We will be dead many more years than we ever live on this earth, and we are all going in the same dirt. Because of political beliefs, common decency toward one another is abandoned for me-first to the point where we cannot even protect each others health. How should we be remembered? “Whatever you do to the least of these you do to me,” said Jesus.

— Cortland

Wanting to take health care from 30 million people is sinful. A Republican Christian is an oxymoron. Many want Roe v. Wade overturned, but caging kids and stealing health care from families is OK? This pandemic is getting worse, and Donald Trump says get out there and don’t let it dominate your life. I believe Trump is a cancer on our country that should be excised Nov. 3.

— Girard

During Trump’s “viral feeding-frenzy” rallies, the sea of red MAGA hats should be labeled MAD — “Making Americans Dead.” What are the rallies’ purposes? Trump owns votes of everyone attending. Uncommitted voters should see he leads gullible followers toward early graves. Nearly a quarter million deceased Americans is hard to dance-step away! These rallies serve only to stroke Trump’s ego. Where are caring, compassionate, unselfish patriots who healed our nation after 9/11? They’re eagerly awaiting their chance to vote Trump from office!

— Warren


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