Protect health care from Trump


Donald Trump does not have a new health care plan. He plans to abolish Obamacare because the wealthy gain $40 billion in tax breaks if it’s overturned. To replace it, he claims he has a “concept.”

His executive order protecting pre-existing conditions is just a meaningless suggestion typed on nice stationery. It’s not a law, and it won’t be honored.

He promises discounted prescription drugs. He’ll mail us Rx cards, like the little ones you find in a little display at the doctor’s office. Caps on insurance coverage will return.

College students will be kicked off their parents’ insurance and will need to find another way to pay health care costs. Children’s wellness visits and vaccinations will no longer be covered.

Medicaid expansion will end, eliminating insurance coverage for many mental health or addiction services for most.

I had open-heart surgery in 2007 before Obamacare. I was still on my former husband’s insurance, and he did not tell me his employer changed it with a cap of $50,000 on what it would pay.

The hospital’s bill was the first one to reach the insurance and sucked up the entire capped benefit, and I still owed the hospital $137,000. Plus, there was nothing left to pay my related health care bills. I didn’t even qualify for Medicaid to help out. After my recovery, I had to work overtime just to make ends meet, and my income was too high. I sat in my office at work in the dark and cried. This is all true.

I found a charity to pay the $137,000, but I had to pay all the remaining bills myself — the heart surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, internal medicine doctor, pathologist, radiologist, emergency room doctor, ambulance, etc. And since the insurance denied all the other bills, there was no “reduction” of the amount I owed to anybody. The heart surgeon agreed to a 50 percent discount, but the others did not. I paid medical bills for many years.

Get ready for it, folks, because that’s coming back, thanks to Trump and the ultra-wealthy who give him orders, all courtesy of the GOP and what will be the new Supreme Court. Republicans are rushing Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination so the justices can eliminate the ACA.

Stand up and speak out! This goes beyond either party’s issues. Biden must win in a landslide to guarantee the election and save our health care.




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