Prayer March deserved front-page treatment


I was very disappointed in the Tribune Chronicle. I thought the Sept. 27 front page would read: “Franklin Graham leads Prayer March in Washington, DC, with 50-60 thousand in attendance!”

But as I scanned the whole paper, I didn’t find one line or one mention of the event. I have been a faithful reader and subscriber to the Tribune all of my adult life and I am now 83. Usually I find your coverage fair, but today I feel you let your readers down on this one. Are we so politically correct that we cannot give credit where credit is due?

The looting and disruptiveness of our country always makes the front page, why not something good? Why doesn’t good, instead of evil, get equal coverage time and space?

How uplifting to watch the prayer march. Clean, decent people — not looting, trashing and burning, but loving one another, praying and holding up our country.

Not taking down statues and leaving a wake of terror and destruction in their path. Thank God for these caring people who only want the best for our country.

Wake up, America, before it’s too late. God will not be mocked.

God bless America.




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