Our criticism can say much about us as people


It has been said that how a person thinks determines how they feel, and how they feel determines how they act.

In other words, I believe that what a person says and how they act with the decisions they make, speaks volumes about who they really are!

If we are always pointing a finger at someone else, with name calling and constant criticism of their every word and action when not in agreement with us, it says more about us than about the other person.

In casting a vote for our country’s leaders, we elect them to represent us in world politics and should be able to trust their every judgment. Their moral and ethical convictions are of grave importance to each and every one of us. To repeatedly state that a presidential candidate is “against God” because of political indifferences is not a judgment call that anyone of us should make, no matter how many Supreme Court justices may agree with us.

The only opinion that should matter most to us is when we meet our maker on judgment day. God bless us all till then.




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