Niki Frenchko will make positive change


I have been in leadership for over 30 years and am currently an adjunct instructor for a local university, teaching business and human resource management to undergraduate students. I am also a retired senior non-commissioned officer with over 26 years of service in the United States Air Force. I have groomed many successful leaders and know a good leader when I see one. For this reason, I am voting for Niki Frenchko for Trumbull County commissioner.

I have known Niki French-

ko for over four years. Niki initially learned leadership while serving in the U.S. Army Reserve. A proven leader, Niki secured better transportation for our aging seniors. She is also a successful small business owner within our community. She has the intangibles like integrity, personal responsibility, self-motivation and empathy necessary to lead our county.

I highly recommend you vote for Niki Frenchko. I value her services and watched her progress into a treasured leader. She is the one you want to make a positive difference for our county. She not only has my vote, but I have dedicated my time and effort these past months to ensure people have an opportunity to know Niki Frenchko.




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