Libertarian presidential candidate is viable option


I suppose most of us saw the three-ring circus on Sept. 29.

These are our leading contenders for the presidency of our nation. Would you want either of these men as our president? My answer is a definite no.

However, we are in luck. There is a very capable, smart and younger candidate for president. I am referring to the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen. This candidate is not a career politician or dubious businessman. This candidate worked at real jobs to earn a living. This candidate went through three universities to receive a Ph.D. This candidate is age 63, not a youngster nor an old person. And guess what, this candidate is female. Yes, Jo is a woman running for president.

Where are all the female voters who want to “break the glass ceiling” with a woman president? Are you going to overlook a really qualified candidate because she is not a Republican or a Democrat? Look up her speeches on the internet. She is an impressive person. And vote for her in the election. I know I will.




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