Lessons from mom Frenchko


In a year with more division than ever, my mom, Niki Frenchko, has immense support from both parties. I am a very objective person. I care less about which party you support and more about who can cooperate to actually get things done to improve the community. My mom volunteered on the bipartisan Senior Services Advisory Council for three years in Trumbull County. She identified and reported federal grant application fraud by the Trumbull County Transit Board and the misuse of Senior Levy funds. She knew it was wrong, and I believe Dan Polivka cared more about keeping the contract for Community Bus Services, than for the senior citizens. Throughout the process, my mom built strong working relationships with Frank Fuda, Mauro Cantalamessa, the representatives at the FTA and Eastgate Regional Council of Governments to bring an end to the problems.

One thing I can say from growing up with my mom is she has an uncanny ability to sniff out the truth, and she believes in fairness. She taught me to respect elders, veterans and treat everyone with respect. I judge no one because of what my mom taught me, which is, “Nobody is better than you, and you are not better than anyone else.”

After 40 years in office, the incumbent is just out of touch. We need change. My mom actually cares and is one of us.

She taught me to be responsible, to lead by example and there is always room for improvement. I know she will make a difference in the lives of our residents. Vote for my mom, Niki Frenchko, for Trumbull County commissioner.




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