Jesus the one we should trust

letter of faith


There is an invisible force attacking our nation today. There is a rapid breakdown of law and increasing amount of poison spreading through America’s political system.

Satan is the one who is bringing our nation down. He is using individuals to destroy the law and government. Everything is coming unglued and falling apart.

Mainstream media is going along with leaders, even at times they can be proven wrong. Without truth, we will not survive.

Our government and churches are targets for Satan.

We need the Kingdom of God. We need the government of the most high, our creator. Only God’s government will end self righteousness, self destruction and insanity of human government.

We cannot believe in those saying to solve our problems we need to abandon the Constitution. How sad.

I say wake up, America! Know and believe the one who has all the answers we need, the creator of all people and all things.

Jesus is the one we can trust in the all-knowing, all-caring, all-loving heavenly father.




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