Biden’s actions show political hypocrisy


I met Joe Biden several years ago. I had the chance to meet, shake his hand and talk for a few moments.

Mr. Biden had done an interview where he had told the world the Obama / Biden administration had protected the hourly workers, but that he knew the salaried workers got hurt. He said most of them are OK and brushed off any further comment.

When I introduced myself as a Delphi salaried retiree, he stopped me, laughed and said, “You guys really got …” using a term not fit for the newspaper. He knew what he had done, and he didn’t care that our families and communities were all suffering due to the loss of income and increased cost of health care insurance.

Now he has a commercial saying he won’t abandon the senior citizens saying, “You have my word on it.” But he abandoned all the pension-dependent senior citizens from Delphi. So what he says now is not trustworthy nor honest. When he says in another commercial that “health care is personal to him;” well it was personal to us, too, but he didn’t care that the salaried workers lost everything.

In sworn testimony, his team said they decided the salaried workers had no leverage and there was no commercial necessity to do anything for those people.

Every American citizen should ask themselves if they have enough leverage, or if they or their children have enough commercial necessity to be protected by their government. In my opinion, Joe Biden is a politician who will say anything to get in power and take our money to use however he wants. I do not trust him, nor should anybody else. Pay no attention to what he says; look at what he did. If he can do this to us, he can do it to you.




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