Biden-Harris ticket stands for lawlessness


A vote for Biden-Harris on Nov. 3 is a vote for the following: corruption, lawlessness, civil unrest, insurrection, riots, higher taxes (both personal and corporate), bad trade deals, a weakened military, defunding the police, threats to our national security and open borders.

It’s obvious the far-left liberals are Biden’s marionette. In the presidential debate, Biden said, “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” Yeah right. They and Black Lives Matter are nothing less than urban guerrilla terrorist groups under the guise of social justice advocates. The left refers to them as peaceful protesters and do not admonish them in any way. The DNC wants to give lawless people rights out of thin air where law-abiding citizens become victims. This is an attack on our Bill of Rights and a direct threat to our Constitution. This cannot continue to happen.

What should happen is that every citizen with a Biden-Harris sign in their yard be made to take into their home an illegal, refugee, early prison releasee or a nonviolent criminal. That’s what the party stands for, according to everything I see and read. We would quickly see the hypocrisy that permeates liberals and their party. The NIMBY’s (not in my back yard) would quickly show their true colors.


Newton Falls


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