Violent protests only divide nation further


As of today, 28 deaths are attributed to violent riots of 2020. Hundreds have been injured, and property damage exceeds millions of dollars. Out of control emotions with mob mentality are destroying our cities, fueled and emboldened by national news outlets fanning flames to garner higher ratings.

News broadcasters, professional athletes, actors, political enablers, BLM movement and antifa are all guilty of killing these people, just as if they pulled the trigger themselves. You must ask how much is a human life worth? Is it worth increasing TV news ratings? Is it worth additional notoriety for professional athletes and actors supporting unrest? Is it worth votes for politicians? Is it worth trying to divide an entire nation? A single life is worth much more than notoriety, votes, network ratings or division of our country. The message people should support is that all lives matter. That’s inclusive and a message of unity for all.

The national news gives the impression that police target and kill minorities at will. This is 100 percent false. U.S. government statistics show deaths due to law enforcement lethal force is 52 percent white and 32 percent black. Now 68 percent of our population is white with 13 percent black, in which 6 percent are males who commit on average 52 percent of all U.S. homicides.

If people would stop reacting with emotion and analyze the facts, they would realize there is no law enforcement bias. Police are not the problem. The problem lies with people who fail to follow simple instructions for their safety and that of others. Killing, burning, looting and rioting will not accomplish an outcome of peace. Defunding the police has only emboldened the criminals. Murder rates are spiking significantly across our nation due to rioting.

The media would have you believe Donald Trump is responsible for all the violence; Russians are responsible for people thinking Joe Biden appears to have the onset of Alzheimer’s; and groups like antifa and BLM are peaceful. Nothing is further from the truth. Antifa is a fascist organization that shuts down free speech, bullies people and threatens our freedom. BLM is disingenuous and only shows concern with police incidents and fails to be concerned with black-on-black crime. It’s great to advocate for equal treatment and wanting to improve our justice system, which peaceful demonstrations can do. Rioting will only further divide our nation.




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