Trump’s presidency based on hate, fear


Black Lives Matter protests make everyone aware of the injustice that has been happening for hundreds of years. However, protests alone won’t change a thing. The white supremacists simply will wait until the heat dies down and then return everything back to the same as before. The only way real change will happen is by electing officials who want to make the changes we need.

Voting this year is more important than ever. Not because it’s Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. The real issue is whether or not we keep our democracy. In 2013, the Voter Rights Act was repealed by the Supreme Court. This opened the door for the Republican Party to begin voter suppression. One way is to purge voter rolls. There have been 17 million voters removed from the rolls between 2016 to 2018.

Another way is to remove voter polling places. In Kentucky, more than 3,000 polling places have been removed. In the largest black district in the state, there is one polling place to serve 600,000 voters. A third way is to prevent success of mail-in voting.

Trump is telling people to mail in their ballot and then go to the polls and vote again, just in case your ballot wasn’t received. He is asking them to commit a felony to help him win the election. This helps him in two ways: (1) It will make voting lines longer and slower. This could prevent many from voting. (2) If he loses, he will say the election is not valid because of voter fraud. People need to wake up to corruption.

Democracy is fragile, and it can end in several ways. Controlling who gets to vote is a sure way to end democracy. It works in Russia. Donald Trump admitted that if everyone voted, he wouldn’t win. Make sure you are registered and vote in this election.

Donald Trump has wanted to make the Post Service a for-profit business during his term. Now he sees that he can use the destruction of the post office for political gain. This is a government service, not a business.

Social Security gets funding from payroll taxes and employee contributions. Trump is clever. By cutting these taxes, he is planning to bankrupt Social Security and Medicare. This allows him to get rid of these and blame it on the lack of funding.

Trump’s whole presidency is based on hate and fear. Do some research and you will see this is a path towards dictatorship.




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