The buck stops with President Trump


How dumb does Donald Trump think we are? He constantly states that if Joe Biden is elected president, chaos will rule the streets.

Hold on. Hasn’t Donald Trump been our president for nearly four years? Isn’t he presiding over a botched pandemic response with more than 200,000 deaths; creating economic havoc for millions; social unrest that won’t end until there is a resolution to police brutality and systemic racism in police departments nationwide; and Russian intervention in our elections?

It is never his fault for what is happening in this country because when you’re Donald Trump, you’re never wrong. And he will tell you that.

Remember, Joe Biden hasn’t been president for the last four years — Trump has.

In a bizarre issue that involves Donald Trump, the Goodyear company has issued a no political paraphernalia or clothing in the workplace mandate. Trump blew up when he learned MAGA clothing was disallowed, and he called for boycotting Goodyear products — one of the last domestic tire manufacturing companies. Because of the pandemic, companies are hemorrhaging jobs. A call for a boycott does nothing to help the job picture in cities where Goodyear has plants. Joe Biden’s response to the Goodyear mandate? He will respect its wishes — its company, its rules. What do individual reactions to the mandate say about these two men?

It is amazing that Christina Hagan proudly hitched her wagon to this piece of work.




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