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Numerous Warren rundown homes are owned by Property Group LLC’s, purchased cheaply, not maintained and appealing to criminals. It’s the “almighty dollar.” Two homes on Genessee are owned by LLC’s, one with a $130,000 drug bust recently, and another with a bad roof. The owner’s solution? Blue tarp — there for months! Search “Trumbull County Property Search” to find ownership. LLC’s, sell the homes to people who will improve and maintain them. Let’s fight back! Make Warren a proud city again!

— Warren

I encourage everyone to watch the video at www.pbs.org/pov/watch/darkmoney/video-dark-money/. This country is being taken over by special interest groups, and if it doesn’t get fixed in November, it might be too late. It has already been happening locally and in Ohio. Examples include Randy Law and Larry Householder, who received huge sums of money before the last election.

— Cortland

I am blessed to live among the wonderful Amish people, who attend many weddings during the year and mingle with hundreds of others. Nobody ever wears a mask at these functions.

— West Farmington

Donald Trump is trying to get us worried about a rigged election because of mail-in ballots. He is trying to slow the postal service. Apply for your mail-in ballot, fill it out and hand-deliver it to your county board of elections during daylight business hours and put it in the ballot drop box yourself. This is a safe way to be sure your vote is counted.

— Warren

During the Republican National Convention, with the White House as the political backdrop, not all of those maskless attendees of Melania Trump’s Rose Garden speech had been tested for the virus. The first lady’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham told reporters the “audience members in the rows near the president and vice president were tested. Most were not.” Continuing poor public health examples set by that political brand all the way around.

— Warren

Some media reported Donald Trump’s disparaging comments about deceased veterans are accurate. In France, Trump wouldn’t visit Marines’ graves. He said men who fought in Vietnam were dumb because they couldn’t get out of it, and soldiers killed in battle were suckers and losers. He said he knew more than generals, and accused them of profiting from war. He is commander-in-chief. If he thinks this of the best of us, what does he think of the rest of us?

— Girard

COVID-19 has been rehashed from every side. I do not dispute its existence nor the vulnerable population — mostly elderly or those with pre-existing conditions — that’s the target. But why is there no concern for the 60,000 citizens who succumb yearly from influenza? Influenza has been a killer of people annually for centuries. Yet, no mask mandate or social distancing. I’m baffled by the ongoing response of quarantining healthy individuals.

— Braceville

Columnist Robert

Reich and Bernie Sanders are confused by economics, government, reality. Socialism is a failed system. The Soviet Union is a flagship of it. This is not for America. Reich should go live there and see for himself. I’m a WWII veteran. This is the best country in the world for all people.

— Howland

It is being reported that President Trump is set to review federal funding to certain areas of the country. I, as well as so many others, have paid federal, state, and local taxes all my life. If there are financial-based services to be allocated to the taxpayers in my area of residence, those funds should be paid by the federal government, regardless of political party of the elected official. This applies to every other area and citizen.

— Braceville




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