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Keep the Raider. Being offended on behalf of a group of you are not part of is the ultimate form of privilege and does a lot more harm than good. It’s condescending, as it gives the assumption that the majority group has the authority over what is “racist” and what’s not. Just because someone is offended, it does not make them right and it certainly doesn’t make the other person wrong. Long live Harding Raiders.

— Warren

Teachers are leaders and often role models. Teachers can mold the thoughts of young minds. During these days preceding a vital election, teachers should NOT allow their feelings toward / against any candidate be known in the classroom or on social media. Present both sides, but do not influence students as to how they should vote. This wouldn’t be an infringement on the teachers’ rights, but rather an opportunity for young voters to make their own decisions.

— Warren

After reading the article about two local residents heading an Ohio coalition backing the Democratic nominee for president, I wonder, “Who are these people?” How have they gained so much authority? Their goal is to support Latinos, women, seniors, blacks, faith and LGBTQ groups. Am I racist because I resent my tax dollars going to support these groups? Voters, what will become of our country, once envied by all nations? Our president is right. We will be done for!

— Warren

Considering polls show 80 percent of African-Americans nationwide believe President Trump is “racist” and “making life harder for them,” how prudent was it to hang the banner “Teachers for Trump” outside Warren’s McGuffy K-8 school? Maybe Warren’s teachers didn’t do homework fact checking the president’s absurd claim that he has done more for “the blacks” than any president except maybe Lincoln. The banner represents an unbelievably out-of-touch and unprofessional display of cultural insensitivity.

— Warren

There’s too much fraud involved in mail-in voting. Absentee ballots are acceptable because they are checked for validity at the board of elections. Why can’t we have three days of voting? Last names beginning A-I vote on day one; J-Q vote on day two; R-Z vote on day three. I don’t want my legal absentee vote canceled out by an illegal mail-in ballot!

— Howland

If you plan to vote Democrat this year because you always vote Democrat, your union told you to vote Democrat or you just hate Trump’s personality, you need to check the party’s platform on the DNC website. It is very left-wing socialism. Despite recent flip-flop campaign promises to appeal to voters, Democrats, if elected, will revert back to their socialism platform. I don’t think you will like your world under the new Democrats.

— Cortland

Is it written somewhere that businesses must annoy customers with continuous streams of background music that appears to have been selected by eighth grade girls? Are doctors’ waiting rooms obligated to intensify patients’ discomfort with loud mindless game or talk shows on TV? Just wondering.

— Fowler


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