Sometimes freedom comes with a price


Can you bounce from party to party? My feelings in dedication to my party was never so evident, as I soon found out with emotions exploding in disbelief of so-called Democrats.

I will not half-step when it falls on party membership.

It wasn’t my discovery of where I belong, being my grandfather’s wisdom to where my shadow fell. Knowing at an early age, sooner or later the birds and the bees were explained by my parents. Mine came in the form of politics. My grandfather explained to me, “Paul, you are a Democrat; the reason for it is you work with your hands as a blue collar worker.” From that day forth, I was baptized, ingrained in me, until I return to dust.

Just recently, I decided to get my yard signs for the elections. At the headquarters I waited in line having a group of people in front me. They asked for a Biden sign. Being informed of the cost of $5, “Oh, my,” was the reply of a lady. “In that case, we might select a Republican sign instead.”

On hearing this I cried out, “Oh, my God!”

I became emotionally horrified, and everyone turned to look.

Yes, sometimes there is a small price with freedom.




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