Portman bill would help businesses reopen


Many Ohio businesses and their employees have been hit hard by COVID-19 social-distancing measures. Workplaces have closed, people have been furloughed and small businesses across our state are hurting. As we slowly continue to reverse that trend and businesses reopen, we need to make sure the proper measures are in place so workers and consumers feel safe going back to work and to shop in public.

I want to applaud Sen. Rob Portman for introducing new legislation to help us reopen safely — the Healthy Workplaces Tax Credit Act.

This bill is a smart solution to help businesses reopen safely without excessive red tape from Washington. It will help businesses by covering as much as half of all costs incurred through the end of the year for making workplaces COVID-19-resistant, incentivizing investment in important measures like coronavirus tests, protective equipment like faceshields and disinfectants like hand sanitizer. We all benefit from a strong economy, and a strong economy right now depends on people feeling comfortable going to work and shop in public. Let’s pass the Healthy Workplaces Tax Credit Act and give businesses the resources to safely reopen in the COVID-19 era.




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