No downside to use of cameras


I am writing in defense of speed cameras. Based on what I read in the newspaper, I must be the only person in the state of Ohio who thinks these cameras are a good idea.

Only drivers exceeding the posted speed limit by 11 or more mph are ticketed. Is this a bad thing? If you are driving 11 or more mph above the limit, you deserve a ticket. Driving in excess speeds endangers all those around you, including law-abiding drivers, children, etc.

Critics cry that government entities are using the cameras only for revenue. Who cares about the motivation if the effect makes streets safer for all of us? Safer roadways and a pile of money to help pay for police, fire, roads, etc., provided by scofflaws. Where’s the downside?

Sadly the Ohio state legislature has made the cameras a financial liability by penalizing communities that use them. While it takes man hours to use the cameras, the state keeps every penny in revenue that they generate. This makes them a drain on local government finances and impractical to use.

Perhaps I am missing something, but I can think of only two groups of people who benefit from not using speed cameras: 1) those who regularly drive at excessive speeds and want to continue to get away with it; and 2) those who can use their status /wealth to avoid being ticketed.

The best feature of the cameras is that they consider only speed and no other factors in determining who is ticketed.


Liberty Township


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