Know the candidates before you go vote


Even though we have several weeks before this nation’s extremely important presidential election, time is of the essence.

Americans need to know what we are in store for and how vital this election is to our capitalistic economy and our very basic freedoms.

If you have felt like a prisoner during this COVID-19 pandemic and are still voting for liberal progressive Democrats, then you are very ill-informed, mindless or have no knowledge of the candidates or his / her platform, principal goals and, in particular, the lust for total power.

If you vote for Biden, you must remember his fanatical financial backers and far-left supporters will be calling the shots after the election, such as communist-leaning Bernie Sanders and socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and others wanting to transform our country.

These people, as reported and by their words and actions, are Marxists whose desire is to fundamentally change this country. If they win, you lose. You will lose your freedoms — religion, speech, to buy and own a gun, freedoms you have no knowledge of and freedoms too numerous to mention. I am sure you have seen the devastating destruction from riots with seemingly uncivilized antifa and BLM mobs and the lawless and rebellious looters who stopped at nothing in order to tear down and set fire to our cities, remove our many statues and paint monuments with graffiti regarding the history of our country or anything else in their wake. To make it even worse for our upstanding citizens, they want to defund the police. This has been pure madness, and there has been nothing that represents a peaceful protest.

We American patriots who have loved this country for all our lives need to stand tall and strong, and vote against every Democratic candidate in order to save our freedoms and move forward with courage and tenacity to overcome these radical socialist-minded people from tearing the United States down to the level of Venezuela, Cuba, China and other countries living controlled lives under socialist governments.

To the middle class, I say, be vigilant and study the candidates because it is the middle class that has always been on the chopping block.

This is an election not only about Democrats against Republicans, but also a battle that is about progressive socialism vs. the republic of the United States of America as we have known it for hundreds of years. I encourage you to know what you are voting for and vote right.




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