How we can bring heaven to earth?


The human flaw is the desire to be thought of as better than someone else. It needs to be replaced with desire to simply be a better person.

It is the root cause of human suffering, both in those the subject of the actions of the person with this flaw and to those who act on this flaw. Racism has its source of existence because of this human flaw. Slavery is one action manifested because of the flaw.

Racism, the belief that one race is better than another, has been proven scientifically wrong. Racism is nothing new. It has been around since people walked the earth. Make no mistake, racism knows no boundaries. There is a saying that if you don’t learn from past mistakes, you are bound to repeat them.

Another human flaw is a lack of understanding the “Golden Rule.” Too many believe “justice” is simply organized revenge — eye-for-eye mentality. So those who have been victims of racism believe they can be racist toward those who were racist to them. Humanity needs to understand there are some things that have no earthy solution. No “eye for eye” reparation.

Often, money is believed to play the role in providing justice. In matters that are solely financial, this is often true. In some matters money can help with only part of the issue, and in others, money can only hurt. The wisdom to know the difference comes from within the spirit of love. Some debts can only be “paid” with forgiveness.

God has shown us one example of when forgiveness is the answer — the only answer. Christ lived a human life of love, compassion, healing and teaching. Christ was whipped, beaten, humiliated and killed by humanity of the time. Christ, while hanging on the cross, forgave humanity for all time and asked God to do the same. God has.

It is this act of forgiveness that has led many people, since that time, to see the truth about life. In particular, human spiritual and personal relationships with each other and God. Those who understand this, act similarly throughout their lives as best they can, they make mistakes because people are not perfect. What is in their heart is what matters.

The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions; however, the road to Heaven is paved with love, especially in the form of forgiveness. Forgiveness brings a little bit of Heaven to earth in the loves of those involved. Those around who see it also can also be blessed, if they understand. We need more forgiveness in our human lives to start down the road where we will need less forgiveness. This will manifest a new reality of Heaven on earth.



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