Dispelling propaganda from liberal writers


On a Sunday in August, four liberal letters were published that were full of untruths. Allow me a belated rebuttal.

First, a writer apparently still believes the Trump-Russia collusion hoax despite reams of evidence disproving it.

Another letter claimed the “cancel culture” is a myth, that people stifle their own speech out of fear of big, all-powerful corporations. What a deluded, Marxist way of viewing life. Try telling conservatives and Christians fired from their jobs or suffering in other ways in recent years because of their beliefs that cancel culture is a myth. It reminds me of Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who denied that leftist radicals were rioting, looting, destroying public and private property, claiming those reports were a myth. Liberals and leftists always deny what they don’t want to see.

A third writer actually tried to claim the economy under Obama was better than under Trump (before COVID-19). That is ridiculous. We had the slowest recovery from a recession in American history with Barack Obama as president. That is a fact.

And finally there was a writer who claims to be Christian but is sadly oblivious to what Christianity entails. Jesus Christ and the Apostles never taught a “live and let live” philosophy. We are not all God’s people; that is a simplistic, secular-humanist credo. Only those who have accepted Christ by faith are God’s people, according to His word, the Bible.

Would God approve of Democrats’ support for abortion-on-demand, or the entire LGBTQ agenda or socialism, or rioting, looting, arson and lawlessness or telling me I’m a privileged racist just because I’m a white male? Obviously not.


Mineral Ridge


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