Differences between US House candidates


There’s a big difference between Tim Ryan and Christina Hagan.

Tim is a mature 47-year-old with a law degree who has been re-elected eight times to the House.

Christina Hagan is a young, immature 31-year-old who believes in conspiracies.

Also, Tim Ryan is from the middle of the Steel Valley. Christina comes from Marlboro Township.

Tim Ryan serves as a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee (House Committee on Appropriations), and Tim is Nancy Pelosi’s most serious rival for the House speaker job.

Christina Hagan believes the House of Representatives is full of socialists, and she loves to run around with an automatic rifle — which shows she believes in conspiracies and she is insensitive about all the school shootings.

The difference is clear — mature and caring Ryan vs. immature and indifferent Hagan.




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