Democrats are better managers than GOP


Democrats manage the economy better than conservatives. They just don’t get proper credit because they don’t promote their own achievements. Nobody ever points out there is greater economic prosperity under Democratic leadership.

Don’t mistake stock market success for economic prosperity. That success represents growth of wealth only for those people who routinely invest in stocks. Wealthy people can manipulate stock values through buybacks, meaning they sell and then buy back stocks to artificially inflate worth. Capital gains and losses includes evaluating assets as needed to reduce tax responsibilities. The average person’s retirement fund does not work like that.

Economic prosperity thrives when good-paying jobs are created. Democrats understand better jobs will come with infrastructure improvements, which will put men and women to work on transportation infrastructure, electrical grid, broadband, etc. Developing green technologies not only promote earth stewardship and sustainable agriculture, but also generate good-paying jobs, car-charging stations and supplies, windmills, solar panels and more.

Who should lead the world in manufacturing if not Americans? We can make electric cars and their batteries, as U.S Rep. Tim Ryan has said. Right in this area we can lead the country in additive manufacturing using 3D printers.

Democrats also endeavor to keep wages going upward. Costs of goods and services increase, and so wages cannot remain stagnant. Minimum-wage jobs should go to high school kids, while higher-paying jobs starting at $15 per hour requiring greater responsibility belong to adults supporting themselves and families. Those methods promote a healthy middle class. Cutting taxes on the wealthy never results in a trickle-down effect.

Democrats seek ways to improve education and make it more affordable. They understand good public schools increase housing values within a community. Graduates could work off student loan debt through public service. For youngsters, Democrats realize charter schools haven’t stuck to educational standards that introduce creative thinkers into the workforce.

Democrats rightly believe trade tariffs result in price increases reflected back into Americans’ pocketbooks. Instead, they favor trade agreements that create true partnerships with other nations and with specialist groups right here at home.

Cost-cutting measures instituted by conservatives hurt the economy in the end. Eliminating clean air and water acts allows corporations to keep more money, but we’re left with environmental cleanup.

Health care costs soar for everybody when poor people have no help with insurance because we all pay their health care expenses. In a democratic republic, we have a civic responsibility to protect our seniors and also people who experience misfortune.

Moving forward under Joe Biden’s leadership will feel so good.




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