Why voters should fire Trump in November


Near presidential elections the incumbent candidate asks, “Is your life better now than it was before?” Usually, I have been able to say, “Yes.” Even if a new president wasn’t my choice, he always became my president. Life as an American was generally pleasant.

This year, the person who lives in the White House cannot ask constituents that question. The year 2020 began with impeachment; then the world exploded with COVID-19. We suddenly realized the coronavirus was creeping its way across the world toward America, and our lives changed.

This president has no idea how to coordinate a response to the virus, and he seems bent on sabotaging anyone who tries to make things better. He has told journalists they’re stupid and ranted at rallies that all Democrats hate America and want to destroy it.

Those blessed with a 401(k) understandably liked that they did pretty well. But real investment wealth increased only for billionaires. The average person squirmed because of Trump’s tax changes while rich guys got richer.

You perhaps shuddered knowing someone who lost a job, with their paycheck interruption putting them into dangerous arrears. Or maybe you saw someone get sick, flinching when you heard they did without important medications or went into bankruptcy paying bills. Oh, by the way, that illness now qualifies as a pre-existing condition.

Did you like it when the air was dirtier? We were amazed how the air cleared up when we were isolating. But our leader has lifted clean air and water restrictions and company owners won’t have the expense of protecting the environment. Folks, it’s going to get dirtier yet.

How about having the whole world watch as our fearless leader tried to bribe other leaders to ensure his re-election? And even if you still deny that the Russians assisted with his election, you probably don’t enjoy knowing with certainty that he obstructed justice during every inch of the investigation. And then he mocked Mueller as old and feeble.

Were you happy back when the president spent all his time hollering about or firing people he hated, who were no good and knew nothing? Ranting and raving about hoaxes? Spewing vitriol over at least half of the constituents that he begged to serve when he ran for election?

Now he says reports of Russians paying bounties for dead American soldiers are — guess what? — a Russian hoax.

Even before the coronavirus, Trump was detestable. I don’t want any more of him. Let’s fire him in November. Join people across all parties who will vote for Joe Biden, who will help heal this nation.




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