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A big thank you goes to Gillette Nursing Home in Warren for coordinating Mothers Day and Fathers Day drop-offs, window visits and the Fourth of July drive-thru with a police escort. Bravo!

— Niles

On July 18 the Tribune Chronicle published a picture of “Women for Trump Meet.” It showed 15 women, one mask and no social distancing. Maybe they think COVID-19 is a hoax. What a shame!

— Champion

Ohio Sen. Sean O’Brien recently took part in a press conference to rail against “dark money” and bribes allegedly paid by an energy company to Ohio politicians. But over the last decade Sean O’Brien himself took $15,500 in contributions from that same energy company’s PAC. Maybe he should put his money where his mouth is and return those contributions to this company.

— Warren

A group of people in Newton Falls led by former Councilman Jim Luonuansuu, who was voted out of office, is trying to referendum the actions of council. If that occurred, there would be no reason to have elections and for elected officials to make decisions on behalf of the community. I was stunned to hear him say the board of elections approved the referendums when, in fact, they approved only the signatures. Big difference. If you don’t like your elected officials, quit whining and vote them out.

— Newton Falls

Dr. Jennifer Beard, sister of deceased Liberty firefighter John Beard, says she opposes demonizing firefighters. They caused their demise by their illegal and reckless behavior. They have only themselves to blame for their actions.

— Warren

The federal prison system finally executed three criminals after years of delays. Now it is long overdue for Gov. DeWine to do the same in Ohio. The first should be Danny Lee Hill.

— Girard

Spaying and neutering feral cats then releasing them is wrong. Cats, both domestic and feral, kill millions of birds and animals every year. Cats can be attributed to extinction of 63 species of wild birds. They are indiscriminate killers. Free roaming cats are susceptible to disease and suffering from lack of medical care. I believe trapping and euthanizing is a more humane and proper course. I love cats, but they should be housebound.

— Bristolville

Enough with this feral cat problem. These are not cute, cuddly little kittens. They are an unchecked population of pests, no different than rats or roaches, and should be handled in the same manner. If you have the money to throw away, send it to your local food bank and feed a family. Do something of value.

— Warren

This retired civil engineer is not for the touted “clean up” of the river at the expense of taxpayers. The planning appears half baked, subject to subsequent problems and destructive of some dams, key elements of the waterborne heritage here. I say this from experience in HUD flood studies, erosion protection, hydrology, hydraulics modeling and 50 years of research of 19th Century canals. Serious paddlers should not have a problem carrying their canoes about well-marked dams or weirs.

— Newton Falls


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