Program cuts will affect poor, elderly


The majority of Americans including Republicans do not want Social Security benefits to be cut, but 95 percent of House and Senate Republicans do want benefits to be cut. There also are a lot of Republicans that would love to abolish Social Security and every other program that helps people, but they know better because of the millions of Republicans who wouldn’t stand for that. Most Republicans in the House and Senate are cold plutocrats who don’t care how the elderly and disabled would survive without Social Security benefits, which, by the way, they have earned.

Trump has recently released plans for cuts to everything — from Medicaid to school lunches and Social Security disability benefits. They say this must be done for budgetary reasons. Trump must think the American people are stupid or lost their memories because he’s the one who gave billionaires and multi-millionaires tax cuts and breaks they didn’t need along with letting Amazon and other super rich companies pay $0 in federal taxes. All those tax cuts exploded the national debt and the deficit, so Trump’s answer to all this is to cut programs that help the middle class, the poor, elderly and disabled. We, the voters, cannot let that happen.

Trump still won’t admit that building his stupid wall is not going to do anything but add to the national debt. The money he wants to waste on his wall could be used for a number of things that would improve the quality of life for thousands of Americans, but that’s not how Trump and Republicans do things. The things that they do help the rich and themselves.

Let’s get them out of Washington and get back to being a caring nation.


Hermitage, Pa.


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