Ominous signs come from Wisconsin killing


Those disgusting lawyers who stood in front of their museum-looking mansion toting an assault rifle and handgun to “protect” their property against peaceful protestors on their way past their house should be charged with inciting violence in the wake of the 17-year-old who murdered two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, posing as a self-ascribed “vigilante.” He was not even from Wisconsin!

Here is the contrast. Some protestors loot. It is wrong. What irony that this child saw himself as a protector, not a murderer. It wasn’t even his personal property to protect.

There is an insidious but deadly trend looming when self-styled vigilantism is given credence to murder people in cold blood — and this cold-blooded murder is condoned all the way to the White House.

Any rational-thinking person must realize the ominous signs of destruction of a society which devolves into lawless killing of others.




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