Left’s ‘dependency’ agenda hurts nation


It is not about Black Lives Matter anymore. When protests turn to burning buildings, looting, vandalizing, defacing, taking over six blocks in Seattle, taking down and destroying our monuments and our American history, this needs to stop. These are anarchists; we do not govern by mob rule.

These are not taxpaying citizens doing this. And if they are, what gives them the right to destroy and the Democrats are silent. Slaves go back for centuries, and even Rome. If you ever read about our history, even black businessmen owned slaves in the 1700s and 1800s; not all blacks were slaves. Are you going to ask your own race to pay? Learn history! People have now turned off the news, nobody wants to hear about it anymore. This has saturated the news for what seems like forever. Even I am tired. This is the reality, and it’s time to solve the problem. Where were Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2015? This did not just happen. They did nothing to solve the problem.

On Father’s Day in Chicago, 14 people were killed including a 3 year-old boy. Over 100 were injured. This was black-on-black crime, but the Democrats are told not to talk about that. They keep talking about equality in this country, our government since 1966 when welfare was implemented by President Lyndon Johnson, has spent $22 trillion and have yet to solve the problem, and why?

Because the left’s agenda is “dependency.” The politicians are always at odds on everything and blame everyone but themselves, and Democrats will not work with Republicans. Why do real Americans always clean up the large cities, “Blue City Chaos?”

If your schools are failing, your city, your state, you only have to look to who is running your school board, your city council and your state and city government.

The federal government is not there to solve all your problems; neither is the Supreme Court.




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