Join others to grow faith amid pandemic


I am amazed how the government was able to so quickly shut down churches, tell them how many people can attend and place restrictions on how close they can stand or sit together. Of course personal contact was forbidden and mask wearing demanded even while appropriate distancing during service was observed. Many states enforced restrictions and sent police and health department officials to monitor what churches were doing along with taking names of parishioners, threatening pastors with arrest and fines and shutting down the church. This is not how a Christian nation is supposed to act. This is how it is in Russia, China and the Middle East.

The question now is, how important are Christian Home Groups? A building can be closed, but Christians meeting in homes has not only continued but is growing. I believe God is growing His church in the midst of this chaotic time. Is the church a building or is it what the Bible calls the Body of Christ? The people are His church! Thousands of buildings may be shut down, but millions of opportunities are now available to meet in homes for Christian fellowship and worship. I urge you to start or attend a Christian Home Group!

God has been in control of this world since he created it. He has always been in control, always will be and is now. God’s plan and desire is for us to have a personal relationship with Him. Through trying times and personal difficulties, God is still faithful. I encourage you to put your trust in Him and join with others to grow in your faith.




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