Frenchko is a qualified county GOP candidate


Niki Frenchko is on the ballot this November for Trumbull County commissioner because majority rules!

She handily defeated her primary opponent by a sizeable margin, while keeping in mind that she has been ostracized by the very party that she represents.

That alone speaks volumes to the change that Trumbull County voters are demanding.

The Trumbull County’s GOP alienation of a well-qualified candidate can only be attributed to an underlying agenda being put forth by its executive leadership. Leaders concerned about winning an election would and should completely support the candidate. Their entire concern should be to grow the party membership exponentially, not to alienate the candidate and her constituents who voted to support her. Niki Frenchko represents long overdue change in Trumbull County. She opposes the “business as usual” way in which Trumbull County is governed. If the opportunity for change is not now, then when?

I support Niki Frenchko for Trumbull County commissioner. I truly believe that the time for change in Trumbull County is now.




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