BLM, Antifa, Dems dangerous machines


Black Lives Matter, or BLM, is not a racial justice or civil rights organization. If it were, as the name suggests, they would help black lives everywhere.

You’d think they’d start in Chicago, where as of this writing, 428 murders have occurred in 2020. The overwhelming majority of those victims are blacks murdered by other blacks. BLM should do something visible, productive and meaningful to help the city that has become a war zone of murder. Where is BLM? I believe this group is a violent, socialist, well-run and well-funded radical far left organization with deep state ties and communist aspirations. Look it up.

No black leaders, black Hollywood stars or black activists like Samuel L. Jackson and Al Sharpton have invested in this extreme organization.

BLM doesn’t care about black-on-black crime. Instead, they lie in wait for a white police officer to kill a black man so they can move in with their agenda to violently attack anything to tear down or destroy the American way of life.

This is the same with a similar organization with a similar cause, Antifa. Its members are well-paid to wreak havoc in our cities. BLM and Antifa have occupied Portland’s downtown for over 60 days now, burning, looting and defying the law, daily.

I promise, there are no Republicans, conservatives or independents that condone these riots going on across the country. The leaders of these Democratic-run cities where these riots occur call them peaceful protests. Their goal is simple. Destroy America and its way of life. Get rid of President Trump, as he is the one huge road block that stands in their way. Get Joe Biden elected so the new far left extreme cabinet probably to be run by Eric Holder and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can tell their puppet what to say and do.

Great minds for generations have warned us that America cannot be defeated from the outside, but only from within. You are witnessing this every day. Americans, if you don’t want to lose your country and your freedoms, you must demand this chaos stop. The Democratic party is not our father’s party. It is a dangerous political machine that wants to control every aspect of your life. Don’t be silent, but be the silent majority.


Newton Falls


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