We need Democrats in control of country


I think it is clear that Donald Trump wants to control everything.

During this coronavirus pandemic, he wants to be able to have complete control of when to open up businesses and travel. He sounds like another dictator from Germany. He despises the press and the freedom thereof. He claims to know more about the coronavirus than doctors and specialists. He tells everyone he is the savior of the country and only he has all of the answers.

Remember when he stated the coronavirus was something like the flu and we have it under control? Then he comes out and says it is not the flu and it’s vicious, but we’ll start seeing some real light at the end of the tunnel.

The coronavirus crash could be worse than the Great Depression. FDR pulled the U.S. out of that one. If we continue with Trump as president and the Senate remains in the Republicans’ hands, we can expect more evil ways. They still want to cut seniors lifelines (Social Security and Medicare). Remember that they have to keep billionaires and large corporations happy.

The stimulus package submitted by the Republicans included $550 billion for large corporations.

Thank God Democrats stepped in and lowered that amount. Didn’t these same large corporations receive over $1 trillion in tax cuts? I’ll bet that most of that went to CEOs and other big shots in the form of bonuses. We can’t put up with any more of the Republican anti-American legislation and Trump’s idiotic tweets and ridiculous press conferences.

Democrats control the House, but that’s not enough. America needs a Democratic Senate and Democrat as president. Vote Democrat, and let’s get back on track.

God bless all the nurses and doctors who put their own lives on the line for us every day during this crisis.


Hermitage, Pa.


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