Wake up and stop voting Democrat


We talk about black people not being treated fairly, but how about our president?

Our government should be ashamed that the FBI, Congress and previous administrations were all out to get Donald Trump. Everyone involved should be held accountable and spend some “time,” just like Michael Flynn.

But we all know that’s not going to happen because of the mafia-style organization that runs this country. Instead of defunding the police, defund the Democrats.

Black people, wake up! The Democrats just want your vote and then you are forgotten. It’s the same way the mafia works — “Do as we say, and don’t make waves.”

They manipulate all our unions, also. My grandson’s teachers tried to influence and brainwash vulnerable minds against Donald Trump. My grandsons were glad he won.

Teachers need to wake up also. The NEA contributed millions to Jerry Nadler (a head Democrat in Congress) who voted for charter schools. Do your homework. Don’t vote for people just because they have a “D” after their name.

And the Republican Party should stop being so passive.




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