Support those who protect our nation


On July 4th, in Newton Falls, we saw just how far our national pride has fallen. Our community has been the focal point for fireworks and festivities including hourlong parades and weeklong carnivals in past years.

Due to COVID-19 and wide-spread rioting, 2020 finds most Americans cowering in fear of contracting a disease or offending a group of “peaceful protestors.” Our city manager even has been criticized for offering to honor our Founding Fathers on Independence Day.

Years ago, our honor guard was told not to include prayers or military references at burials in Rittman National Cemetery. Funerals for service members were sometimes ruined by “peaceful protestors” who shouted obscenities at mourners. Now, apparently, we can’t even honor the men who helped provide blessings and freedoms we enjoy today.

Our veterans’ organizations have seen membership drop steadily over the years. As we accuse our nation’s service members and even local law enforcement officers of “brutality” or “racist actions,” fewer and fewer young people will opt to defend our freedoms. Support those who protect you or get used to hiding in fear.

Wake up America. Semper fi and God bless America.


Newton Falls


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