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It would be nice to hear what’s going on in Trumbull County from the hard-to-fake office at the receiving end of the pandemic: county coroner. Are the numbers of coronavirus deaths understated? The coroner could tell us if a huge upswing in deaths in recent months is normal around here. A weekly report at least?

— Warren

I can’t figure out why the county engineer’s office replaced only a small section of Leavittsburg sidewalks in preparation for paving West Market Street. If this were Howland, sidewalks would have been miles long. Warren Township residents pay taxes just like those in other parts of the county. If they aren’t going to replace all sidewalks, at least clean the dirt covering existing sidewalks. You can’t even tell sidewalks are there. Leavittsburg residents do use sidewalks.

— Leavittsburg

Why did state Rep. Mike O’Brien and state Sen. Sean O’Brien use their HB6 repeal press conference in the county commissioner meeting room to make partisan, political and unsubstantiated attacks against their opponents? The county administration building is a taxpayer-funded place, and political attacks during an election year should not be tolerated under guise of a press conference. Shame on the commissioners for allowing this.

— Warren

Warren elected officials have found a way to do even less work for their paychecks! City Hall, including the mayor, auditor and law director, continue to keep their offices closed to the public due to COVID-19. However, the auditor can often be found with unmasked buddies at a local restaurant, and the law director tends bar at his restaurant, where the mayor and his wife are frequent guests! Sounds like a double standard and a way to keep the public eye off them.

— Warren

If you like watching sports, what the heck does the name have to do with it? Do you mean you watch sports because you liked their names? No! Did you watch racing because you love watching your Dixie flag wave? No! If you like all sports, you wouldn’t care about their name. They are the same teams!

— Warren

I am so disgusted with government agencies not functioning due to COVID-19. The BMV is not taking phone calls. I went online as recommended, but the chat line was overburdened, and I gave up. The Trumbull County sheriff’s sales have been postponed until August. You would think they could use the tax money from buyers of those properties. Why can private companies adapt and function well but not those funded by us, the taxpayers? It is reprehensible.

— Hubbard

It’s ironic that in a year when racism is the top issue among Democrats, a closet racist is their nominee for president. Joe Biden has stated “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.” Barack Obama “is the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.” In a presidential debate Joe stated, “I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.” Biden’s record in the Senate reflects very racist legislation.

— Hubbard

Liberty Township decided to pave some streets that are long overdue. They also decided weeds are more important than flowers. Let’s hope for better governing in the future.

— Liberty

OHSAA should consider moving non-contact sports like baseball, softball and track to the fall and contact sports like football, soccer and wrestling to the spring. Hopefully, COVID-19 will be better controlled next spring. Social distancing is not possible in contact sports.

— Hubbard

I told my family and friends, “Social distance 6 feet now, or 6 feet under later. Your choice.”

— Cortland


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