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Regarding the interchange at state Route 11 and Niles Vienna Road, I think it’s a very good idea. It will take some stress off Tibbetts-Wick Road. It’s always backed up. Also, soon the Shepherd of the Valley will add more traffic. It’s a small community of itself.

— Niles

This retired civil engineer is not for “cleanup” of the Mahoning River at taxpayer expense. Planning appears half-baked, subject to subsequent problems and destructive of some dams that were key elements of the waterborne heritage of the Mahoning and Shenango valleys. I say this from experience in HUD flood studies, erosion protection, hydrology, hydraulics modeling and 50 years of research of 19th century canals of the region. Serious paddlers should not have a problem carrying their canoes about well-marked dams or weirs.

— Newton Falls

With recent cuts, Trumbull County citizens are due tax breaks. Due to multiple closings and service cuts, we should receive tax credits for the entire pandemic period. Senior services, Fairhaven, children services, mental health and library should all be credited 50 percent or more. School districts should realize the biggest cuts. County and townships should return 40 percent. Officials never want to cut taxes, but with everything shutdown, why would we pay “full price” for half services?

— Bazetta

Welcome to Liberty Township, Trumbull County’s new slum home of absentee landlords. Our new rule apparently allows three junk cars in the driveway and four cars on the front lawn. Avoid walking on Goldie Road — they have replaced sidewalks with trash- and water-filled ditches. Keep old appliances in the driveway, and broken garage doors are a must. Do you wonder why you see moving vans heading for Cortland or Howland? What a shame.

— Liberty

Oakwood Cemetery is the only cemetery in downtown Warren. They used to keep it mowed and nice, but the last five years it’s been going downhill. I was there planting before Memorial Day. The grass was high, and water was not turned on. It’s a shame that when you visit loved ones, you must see their graves in this condition. The cemetery is where people go to pray and pay respects to loved ones. The cemetery needs to be upkept better.

— Warren

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan wants to defund police? He’s aligned himself with radical congressional Democrats instead of his constituency here in his district. If he really believed in defunding police, why has he not given up his own security detail? That is hypocritical.

— Braceville

A recent flyer in the mail from the UAW says they did the research and support Joe Biden for president. Dig deeper. Blame Mary Barra and the Democratic Party for not fighting hard enough to keep Lordstown GM open. Had they done their jobs, people would still be working here. Biden, in his 47 years of public service, never created or brought jobs to this area or anywhere in the U.S. In the eight years under Barack Obama, manufacturing left this country.

— Niles

A recent Sound off sought numbers of influenza deaths, insinuating ODH is conflating COVID-19 deaths. ODH tracks seasonal influenza activity all year, monitoring circulating flu and related data sources, providing weekly influenza summaries October through May. ODH doesn’t conflate or mislead citizens. The post also sought abortion-related stats claiming COVID tabulations are out of perspective without this information. Those stats are posted nationally and are irrelevant to pandemic discussion. There’s no COVID-19 cure or vaccine nor, it seems, for conspiracy theorists.

— Warren

I have lived on Bazetta Road for 50 years and have always taken pride in my yard. I am sorry to say it is starting to look like garbage dump! I am thankful I can still go out and pick up this trash, but what if I could not? I have even had to pick up old clothes in my yard. Do people not care? This is a disgrace!

— Warren

As a nation, we follow rules to maintain peace and order. We obey stop signs, traffic lights and drive on the right side of the road. It keeps us safe. We wear masks when visiting our newborns or elderly mothers in the hospital. It keeps them safe. At work we wear masks in industries that require it. It protects us from breathing in something we shouldn’t. Now, with a new contagious, dangerous virus, you refuse to wear a mask because your rights are being violated. Huh?

— Warren

Many times the “voice of reason” falls on deaf ears. Some restless souls are saying, “Defund police.” Why? The police do not have an enviable job, but they do it just the same. Perhaps if I and my fellow citizens were nicer and more law abiding, they could be nicer, too. Now is the time we must all choose. What do we want? Anarchy, despotism or democracy? You decide.

– Warren

What’s wrong with this picture? A postal worker showed me an unopened virus mask they were issued by their postmaster. It had text in Chinese on the package. To make it worse, right on the package, in English, it stated that the mask would not prevent the spread of COVID-19, and it was the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves from the virus.

— Howland

Let’s get this straight: The state supplies COVID-19 testing, and if you have no symptoms, people line up to get the test. To me, it’s like taking aspirin before a headache or wearing a raincoat all day because you think it’s going to rain. Even if your results come back negative, what makes you think you’re not positive after two weeks of waiting? Maybe a state rule should mandate a 14-day quarantine if you get tested.

— Cortland

It is accepted that our national anthem began as a patriotic song that now encompasses respecting our flag and military service personnel. Face it, taking a knee during our anthem is disrespectful. All it does is divide us even more. Also, when stopped by the police: Stop, shut up, don’t resist. When you run and resist, our protectors have a split second to respond for the safety of everyone else. To our police: Thank you!

— Vienna

United States Chief Justice John Roberts three times has shown his willingness to bow to liberals’ demands. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s words, “You will pay the price,” must have had the intended effect. Dr. Ben Carson was sued for his involvement in Bible study groups. He is being called racist names. When will this attack on Christianity ever end? Pray like never before.

— Williamsfield

The economy won’t recover if people return to work without following basic guidelines. Masks and gloves should be treated as part of our daily uniform until a vaccine is discovered. It is vital to everyone’s health. You can continue to have a positive effect by taking this simple action until this virus is eradicated. Take responsibility, and take care of you, your workplace and everyone exposed to you.

— Vienna

Do you call it plagiarism when most of Joe Biden’s points are what President Trump already has done or is doing? His exceptions are repeal tax cuts; raise corporate taxes; give illegal immigrants free medical and free college — in fact, give them free everything. It is the taxpayer who will foot the bill.

— Girard

In the 1960s if you had a contagious disease, the health department put a quarantine sign on your house. You weren’t allowed in public. COVID-19 has deadly effects. If you get it, how can you be sure you’ll get a mild case? Why are people rule breakers? A woman reflex sneezed in a store with no mask and sprayed the freezer glass door. This is not a political issue. Public health is every person’s responsibility. Common sense is wear a mask and social distance.

— Cortland

Donald Trump acts like he’s concerned about students getting back in the classroom, but he wants parents to get back to work and thinks a better economy will save him. The U.S. has 4 percent of the world’s population but 25 percent of coronavirus cases. He says we’ve done a great job. He’s had no response to credible intel that Putin puts a bounty on heads of American troops killed by the Taliban.

— Girard


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