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What is going on with Warren-Ravenna Road? It has turned into a washboard road from state Route 5 into town. Are they going to resurface it? At least it may slow down the ones who use it as a speedway.

— Braceville

Sorry, folks, but it’s time to retire the Raider, Warren G. Harding High School mascot. The very word “raider” has a bad connotation. In the current wave of extreme sensitivity and political correctness, this would be the perfect time to change the mascot. No meetings, no endless discussion, no community voting, no polls. Just make the decision and move forward.

— Warren

It was admirable for officials to declare Newton Falls a “sanctuary city” for statues. Of course, Werner Lange had to chime in with his anti-American rhetoric. The village leaders have my utmost respect for standing up for the U.S.A.

— Newton Falls

I see the Republican Legislature in Columbus is as off as their Washington friends. Legalizing fireworks? There should be an ordinance with a shut-off time. On Stewart Drive and Northwest Boulevard, fireworks were steadily going off at 1:30 a.m. on July 4th. That’s way too late and rude.

— Warren

The city of Warren does not need the 0.5 percent income tax renewed. If the city would eliminate any and all unnecessary jobs and employees, it would have more than enough income!

— Warren

Good news! East Market Street is getting resurfaced. If vehicles could talk, they would say, “Thank you.”

— Warren

Can we get Warren to come up with better rules for signs? The Courthouse Square area looks tacky with political signs for candidate friends of building owners and tacky signs for bail bondsmen. With all the new businesses making the area look good, the old guard needs to come up with a better look for their businesses.

— Warren

During this pandemic, all I hear is reduction of operations, services, hours. But all these are necessary during troubled times. Service reductions also should mean “tax reductions.” All county residents should see tax credits, especially from school districts, which is our biggest burden. The savings generated by all these cutbacks should be returned to taxpayers. Unemployed families could use the extra cash right now. Why should we pay full tax rates for half the service?

— Bazetta

For any veteran like myself or pet owners, the Fourth of July was unbearable! Everyone must have spent their stimulus money on fireworks! Presently it’s illegal to set off this class of fireworks without a license. Career politician Michael O’Brien wants to make it legal. No doubt his re-election campaign fund will get a large PAC check for his efforts. What happened to being able to enjoy peace and tranquillity of your neighborhood? Fireworks in residential areas are simply out of hand!

– Warren

Of local hardware stores, only Menards requires masks and doesn’t allow children in under 16 in. I don’t understand why other hardware stores are less caring for their customers’ safety.

— Vienna

Retired Navy Chaplain R. Jackson was guest pastor July 5, delivering a message for America. We were oriented to know God but became disoriented by Satan to believe we can do it by ourselves. Fortunately, some became reoriented to know they need God. The Rev. Jackson commented on our song choice, “God Bless the U.S.A.,” stating his superior officer once made the comment: “America has been blessed. America will only reverse its downfall when it changes its thoughts to: ‘America Bless God.'”

— Kinsman

Gov. Mike DeWine finally made wearing a mask mandatory but only in red-alert counties. Ironically, Trumbull County wouldn’t be a red-alert county if he had the leadership skills and courage to have made it mandatory earlier.

— Cortland

A friend from New York told me about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s poor response to the virus. That state, like some others, sent COVID patients to nursing homes to spread the virus like wildfire among the elderly. Also, he shut down subways, therefore concentrating more people in fewer stations. Sounds like a good president-to-be? We’ll hear more on this yet.

— Williamsfield

Just when we thought Donald Trump could sink no lower, now credible reports state Russia paid the Taliban, whom Trump wanted to invite to Camp David, to kill American troops in Afghanistan. Trump calls it a hoax and so did Putin. The GOP has signed off on everything Trump’s done to send our country back 100 years. The GOP has become a fringe party and should be banished from Washington until they learn what America is all about.

— Girard

Do Democrats think this is something new? Every soldier going into war knows the enemy is there to kill you. Soldiers were told: Don’t worry about the one “with your name on it.” Worry about the one that said “to whom it may concern.” Every soldier does not need a Democrat or a headline in a newspaper to tell us this.

— Niles

The BLM movement is out of control, and its power is frightening. Powerful leaders within the movement have power to coerce major corporations into submitting to BLM threats of violence, boycotting, etc. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s pictures are racist? What a stupid accusation. It’s no more racist than Orville Redenbacher’s picture on a box of popcorn.

— Fowler

Cal Thomas’ recent column about abortion struck a chord with me. He mentioned a movie about Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor. In the movie, the testimony of a legal abortion was shocking. It could be performed on a baby up to 23 weeks, 6 days, and this is a big baby, possibly 11 inches. The description of how the baby is killed is heartbreaking. Why does a mother think her life is more important than an innocent baby who has never been given an opportunity to live?

— Hubbard

So we need to have Democrats in control of the country? Really? A recent survey showed the top 10 worst-run US cities are controlled by Democrats! Sounds like total control by Democrats is a plan for disaster. The Democratic Party has lost its way! Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but he has done more to move our country in the right direction than any of his recent predecessors! Vote Republican in November to save our republic!

— Farmdale

United we stand under God, divided we fall to a knee! Ask yourself, “Do you really want to be united?” Love God and love one another. Let history be, and let the statues stand, for divided we fall.

— Cortland

After reading about the many lives snuffed out in Chicago and other major cities due to gun violence, I wonder where the protesters are, especially the Black Lives Matter group. Apparently those black lives don’t matter. The Black Lives Matter group, a hypocritical and racist group, has lost credibility with America!

— Southington

They should ban the Confederate flag from outdoors and windows. It is disrespectful to U.S. soldiers who died ending the anti-American Confederacy. It’s personally hurtful to 40 million black Americans; it visits black children in nightmares! The Dukes of Hazzard show should retire, too. The Civil Rights Act passed long before the show aired, triggering white resentment that our government could forbid white people from doing anything racist. The show played off this widespread discontentment.

— Warren

Why is it difficult for people to wear a mask and physical distance? Unless you have legitimate physical issues, the only reasonable answer is you’re self-centered. Maybe you’re lucky not to be personally touched by the pandemic, but families of over 130,000 dead aren’t so lucky. Trumbull County is among few Ohio counties rated at red level. Is your “right” to hang out at a crowded bar, party, sporting event or places more important than rights of others to live?

— Cortland

Heard a disturbing conversation recently about a waitress wanting to stay home and collect $600 in unemployment rather than come to work. My son has tried for weeks to get unemployment and cannot contact anyone. Young people today are more interested in receiving some sort of entitlement rather than work, and now those who worked are making four and five times more to stay at home and collect unemployment. Wonder which Democratic brain child thought this was a good idea?

— Leavittsburg


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