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Good move on canceling River Rock at the Amp this year. Social distancing would not have been possible.

– Warren

Isn’t it strange how people who were against the 0.5 percent Warren income tax increase all of the sudden support the tax now that they are on city council? What really changed? Still wasting money on employees who are not needed. The city needs to cut unnecessary spending and downsize!

— Warren

Since our governor is afraid of alienating the hardcore “my freedom” part of his base by mandating mask wearing, it is time for our county health commissioner to do so. Frank Migliozzi needs to ignore the concerns of commissioners running for office this year and get mandatory mask wearing in public done in Trumbull County. Start saving lives now!

— Warren

Not at all surprised that Warren Law Director Enzo Cantalamessa gave a slap on the wrist to the assistant law director who made tone deaf and careless comments on social media regarding police shooting people in the back. Enzo has spent his public career coddling public employees who get caught doing bad things. Under his watch, Warren city employees accused of theft were treated with kid gloves and kept their pensions. Shame on Enzo.

— Warren

With regards to the fired Warren employee accused of theft in office, she is accused of taking money from the “Christmas in the Square” fund, which is run through the mayor’s office. This has nothing to do with the “Light Up the Square” initiative, begun in memory of James Economos, longtime owner of the Saratoga Restaurant. This separate fund is solely responsible for the beautiful lights that adorn Courthouse Square at Christmas.

— Warren

Compliments to Warren-Trumbull County Public library director and staff at the Liberty library. To the director, Jim Wilkins: Well done on reopening and all the safety measures in place. As a Canfield resident, I was curious to see how you reopened, but our Youngstown-Mahoning libraries haven’t yet. I was impressed with the safety protocols. The Liberty library staff made me feel welcome. It was apparent you are proud of your library. Rightfully so! You have a beautiful library.

— Canfield

Re-tweeting a “White Power” video from a Florida Villages’ protest only to be “taken down” after the GOP’s lone African-America senator’s request to him. What’s next on Donald Trump’s division agenda for fostering race relations in America?

— Warren

Do people know what occurred at Ellis Island? Poor people from Europe, some of them potato farmers, immigrated to the U.S. for a better life. They worked their entire lives in steel mills and service industries along with every person from all imaginable backgrounds. Some of them were mocked and made fun of because of their ethnicity. But they persevered no matter what. Many people in the U.S. are not Civil War descendants, yet are blamed for the past mistakes of a generation they have only read about in books.

— Cortland

Nancy Pelosi presents the Floyd family with an American funeral flag? A non-vet with a criminal history gets the same honor as U.S. soldiers killed in combat? C’mon! Then there’s our esteemed speaker and her Democratic pals taking a knee. Nancy Pelosi is the princess of pander.

— Fowler


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