Seek success and you will find it


Facts not fiction always should be used as the basis for reform in our country.

We’re being force fed a smorgasbord of false narratives and lies by the media and some elected leaders on social injustice. We’re being told skin color directly affects one’s economic outcome in this country. If this is true, why are there so many super successful Indian immigrants? Their skin tone is just as dark as many in the black community. Why do immigrants from Asia come to this country with little money and thrive? If there’s systemic racism in America, how do you account for all the black millionaires? How do you account for all the Asian millionaires here? If whites dominate everything, how is it that immigrants from all over the world tend to thrive in America? The reason people of all nationalities thrive in America is two-fold. One, capitalism works. Two, we don’t have systemic racism. All citizens have ability to accomplish their dreams if they put forth the effort.

The inconvenient truth that no one talks about is we don’t have a systemic racism issue, we have a culture issue. Black communities have all the resources, abilities, intelligence, talents and opportunities at their disposal without politicians telling them they need their help. They’re just as smart and capable as all Americans. Pandering politicians are encouraging feelings of resentment, causing division to use them as pawns just to gain political power.

Are black Americans unfairly targeted by police? After researching the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice websites, it becomes clear that 27 percent of all crime is committed by 13 percent of our population; 52 percent of all murder is committed by that same 13 percent. Defunding the police is not going to magically fix this. It will do quite the opposite by increasing crime in the very areas that people need assistance. Tearing down statues and vilifying leaders of our past won’t fix it either. That’s only creating more division in our country.

What uplifts everyone in America of all nationalities is opportunity, not politicians with empty promises. All power lies within you to change your life, not a political party. Remember, you always will find what you’re seeking. If you’re seeking injustice, inequality, prejudice, discrimination, unfairness and disparity, you will surely find it. On the other hand, if you seek justice, equality, fairness, impartiality, opportunity, kindness and compassion, you will find it as well.

You always will attract what you seek by the way you act.




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