Parents are being asked to do too much


Regarding the Tribune Chronicle July 5 poll question on whether the U.S. should create a national Garden of Heroes, I ask this: Who pays for the statues, the grounds, the landscaping, the employees to maintain the garden? Before we answer this question, I think a few of the cost issues need to be answered.

On another topic, I wrote a letter last month about the concerns that will result by returning to school. I have read the state’s plan, and I was disappointed with it. I realize you can’t please everyone.

Local schools were waiting patiently for the guidelines that recommend masks for teachers, 6-foot distancing and sanitization. That’s it. Now, the local schools have less than two months to decide how to implement returning to school. Youngstown has already decided to go totally online. I think area districts are contemplating four plans or combinations thereof.

Two big issues to my mind are (1) the mask issue for children / students; and (2) child care for parents as school districts decide on opening schedules. Then, we get back to possible loss of employment and financial problems as parents may be required to stay home to care for their children.

There is a lot on everyone’s plates.




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