Mask mandate doesn’t remove U.S. freedoms


I am so tired of hearing the protesters say their rights are being taken away. Does the temporary inconvenience of wearing a mask really take away your freedom?

Compare your petty complaint to the sacrifice health care workers deal with every day. Those who won’t follow the health guidelines are the most selfish people in the U.S. They care about only themselves. They don’t even care about their own families. Their actions are a slap in the face to all health care workers. All essential workers are risking their lives and working long hours to help all of us.

When you live in a society, you never have the absolute right to do anything you want. Limits are imposed for the safety of others. You can’t yell “fire” in a movie theater. I’m sure everyone has seen signs: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” If protesters are so bent out of shape about their freedom, why aren’t they entering stores without a shirt or shoes? Why aren’t they protesting no smoking signs? People have been assaulted, and one store employee was shot and killed trying to enforce the store’s mask requirements.

Let’s face it, protesters are making this a political issue because that’s what their leader wants. I think the most dangerous person is one with power who thinks he knows more than anyone else. Donald Trump does not listen to anyone. He ignores experts and advisers on all subjects, including health care, military, justice and diplomacy. He wants absolute power. He said so himself.

Be careful what you wish for. Opening businesses does not mean the pandemic is over. It just means they have a bed available in the ICU for you. Trump refuses to wear a mask, but he ordered the White House staff to wear them. He wants them to protect him from the virus. He could care less about protecting anyone around him.




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